Office of the Clerk Identifies Security Issue in Case Mgmt System

With the safety of court records paramount, the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court has identified a security issue within the Case Management System (CMS) for Pinal County and has taken a broad measure to secure sealed documents. The issue may extend to other counties who also use the CMS known as AJACS. 

“A few months ago we had identified a security issue – one that has to do with sealed documents and viewing permissions,” said Clerk Roche. “We have been aggressively attempting to put a corrective measure in place,” he continued. “Unfortunately, I must report to the public that two sealed documents in two separate cases were accessed by the County Attorney’s office, and they should not have been able to access these documents,” Roche concluded.

A case management system is the heart of court operations as it is the repository for all court records. In Pinal County this translates into hundreds of thousands of documents. In addition to the electronic record, a paper file record is also maintained.  The entire system is directed and mandated by the Administrative Office of the State Supreme Court. Because of state law and court rule, any systemic remedies must be handled via that agency.

The AJACS system is an extremely complicated program with literally thousands of security settings. The Clerk’s office is pursuing a solution to this security issue in partnership with downtown, and it is an identified priority for both agencies. In addition, Clerk Roche has attempted to make contact with the County Attorney’s office in order to fully discuss today’s breach in security.

“Because of the limitations involved and the possible scope of the problem, I have directed my staff to take immediate precautions,” stated Roche. “As of this evening, all access to sealed and restricted court documents has been removed,” he said. The remaining exception will be the Judges who are hearing cases of this nature. The public can rest assured that the security issue will be addressed and that while it is being resolved, all sealed documents are secure.

The Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court is committed to providing quality customer service, ensuring the integrity of, and access to, court records by supporting the Judicial process through efficient Records Management, Financial Administration and Jury Service.

The Florence office of the Clerk of the Superior Court is located at 971 N. Jason Lopez Circle in the Pinal County Justice Complex, Building A. It is open to serve the public on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Satellite offices are located in Apache Junction and Casa Grande. The office of the COSC can be reached at 520-866-5300.


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